Sustainable Construction

Almost another ton of CO2 less - per day!

Every year, the "Minergy"-certified building, the latest generation equipment and the systematic energy plan save about 500 tons of CO2 in Landquart, in the Canton of Grison in eastern Switzerland.

Between 2013 and 2015, the production facility at Churwalden was also renovated, expanded and equipped with the most modern technology. This allowed a 70% reduction in oil consumption, and another 320 tons of CO2 emissions a year were eliminated.

More about this in the specialist air conditioning and refrigeration trade magazine, KKA.

Protecting the environment is important to us, not just something we pay lip service to. We are happy that it has been possible to use these resources so effectively!


Environmentally friendly and climate neutral.
These buildings have been certified with the Minergie label.

Our new building for packaging, stock picking and administration in Landquart makes a valuable contribution to protecting the environment. It was built according to the latest findings and designed based on an ingenious heating, air conditioning and climate concept.

The concept centres around the use of the groundwater flow from the Alpenrhein plain. Here’s how it works: water is extracted from the groundwater flow, which is used for thermal purposes and then returned to the stream without any contamination. With this method, which is still applied very rarely, we require five to eight times less energy to produce the cooling required by our two cooling circuits than with conventional methods. The coolant we use is ammonia, which has no damaging impact on either the environment or the ozone layer.

When it came to acquiring the machinery, our focus was also on protecting the environment. Our compressed air vacuum generators and heat pumps are designed to be as efficient as possible and achieve the best possible heat recovery. Our office building is heated with recovered heat in winter and air conditioned with a free-cooling system in summer.

Thanks to all of these new technologies, no fossil fuels are used anymore by our company and we emit 500 fewer tonnes of CO2 each year. This saving equates to the combined CO2 emissions of 80 to 100 cars which drive around the equator every 12 months.

Both our production and administration buildings have been awarded the Minergie label. This video shows the construction of our headquarters in Landquart:


You will find detailed information about our new building in Landquart here:

You will find more information about the use of heat pumps in our new building in Landquart in the following article of FleischMagazin (german): fleischmagazin_0412.pdf