Guarantee of Authenticity (PGI)

In accordance with the decree of the Federal Office for Agriculture, "Bündnerfleisch" has been a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) since September 1999. The PGI certificate obliges producers to carry out the most important processing steps in the region of origin (in our case in the Canton of Graubünden) and according to traditional methods.

Authentic Bündnerfleisch is produced when the very specific and best cuts of beef are cured in Grisons according to a centuries-old process and turned into an easily digestible delicacy.

Certification as an organic producer

A production company that wants to make, process and sell organic products must first be inspected and certified by a recognised (accredited) certification body (e.g. bio.inspecta).

In order to get such a certificate, at the very least the Organic Ordinance (SR 910.18) must be complied with. A meat processing company undertakes, among other things, to ensure that the organic products produced are only processed using meat which comes come from recognised organic farms. The ingredients (in our case predominantly salt and spices) must also meet the stringent requirements.

The following must also be guaranteed:

Clear separation of the organic ingredients in the entire company: every single piece of meat delivered is marked with a label and stored separately. The mixed spices are filled into single-dose bags and stored appropriately.
The traceability of products is guaranteed along the entire production chain and is documented on a control slip, which remains with the products throughout the entire production period.
This makes it impossible for theseproducts to be mixed with conventional products. If a company wants to market its products under a label of the different marketers (e.g. BIO SUISSE, Migros BIO Produktion, demeter, etc.), their requirements must also be met. Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG has been producing and selling organic products under the M-Bio label (www.engagement.ch) for several years now. certificate pdf


MINERGIE® is a quality label for new and modernised buildings. The focus is on comfort – the comfort building users have whether they live or work there. This comfort is made possible by a high-grade building shell and controlled airflow. The specific energy consumption is considered the main criterion required to quantify the necessary construction quality. This provides a reliable assessment. Only the final amount of energy supplied is relevant. (www.minergie.ch)

Download Minergie certificates:

Suisse Garantie

Since the beginning of July 2005, Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG has only processed Swiss meat which meets the criteria of the ‘SUISSE GARANTIE’ quality label.

This quality label provides a guarantee to consumers that agricultural produce, such as vegetables, fruit, meat, etc. comes from Switzerland.

All meat products which are awarded the ‘SUISSE GARANTIE’ quality label generally come from animals which were born and reared on farms in Switzerland. Swiss animals are allowed to spend the summer on Alps in neighbouring countries. Meat from the Principality of Liechtenstein is treated as Swiss meat.

Furthermore, suppliers of fatstock must provide evidence of participation in one of the QA programmes recognised by the trade organisation Proviande (www.proviande.ch). When selling the animals, the seller must provide the buyer with documentary evidence which proves that the requirements of the relevant QA programme were met.

During the transport of fatstock, the person transporting them must have a training certificate from the Interessengemeinschaft für tierschutzkonforme Transporte und Schlachthöfe (Interest Group for Transport of Cattle and Slaughterhouses which comply with Animal Welfare Legislation).

As far as meat products are concerned, a maximum of 10% of the ingredients may consist of raw materials from abroad, insofar as these raw materials are unavailable or not available in sufficient quantities in Switzerland (e.g. spices). Suisse-Garantie-certificate.pdf


The International Featured Standard was defined in 2003 by representatives of the European foodstuffs retailers and serves to inspect and certify systems to guarantee food safety as well as quality and legality as far as foodstuffs production is concerned.

The IFS builds on the well-known quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, and also contains the principles of good manufacturing practice (cleaning, disinfection, pest control, maintenance, servicing and training).

Download IFS certificate: IFS-certificate.pdf

National park

The Stiftung Natur & Wirtschaft foundation awards its quality label to companies which take ecological measures on their premises. The goal of the foundation is to introduce more colour, life and biodiversity to company premises.

Awards are given to company premises which – through their outstanding ecological quality – contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, particularly in industrial and commercial zones.

Download Natur & Wirtschaft certificate: Natur und Wirtschaft.pdf

Certificate of the Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency

Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG undertakes to work toward the sustained protection of the climate through conviction. With its voluntary declaration of joining the programme of the Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency, Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG commits itself to the active reduction of CO2 emissions and to the optimization of energy efficiency. The corresponding target agreement has been audited by the Swiss Federal government.

Download Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency certificate: Energy-Agency-Certificate.pdf

Aus der Region/Culinarium

The sponsoring association Culinarium was founded in 2000 by representatives from agriculture, gastronomy and trade in order to network all three sectors. Culinarium is the point of contact for everyone who is interested in regional products from Eastern Switzerland: hoteliers, restaurateurs, grocers, buyers and private individuals, who are enthusiastic about regional delights. Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG meets the production and processing requirements of the Culinarium, Eastern Switzerland region, and is therefore certified with the „Culinarium“ and „Aus der Region. Für die Region“ labels.

Aus der Region/Culinarium – download certificate: Culinarium-AdR Ostschweiz-certificate

Halal certificate

Gurtner AG Montenaro Fleischwaren undertakes to manufacture its halal-certified Bündnerfleisch [air-dried beef] in such a way that the requirements of Halal Certification Services are met and that production complies with the guidelines issued by the Islamic authorities.

Gurtner AG Montenaro Fleischwaren hereby guarantees the halal compliance of the production process, from the control of the raw material and additional ingredients to the manufacture, packaging, storage and distribution of the product. In addition, it is guaranteed that, by means of continuous development and the most wide-ranging controls and certifications, all products manufactured by Gurtner AG Montenaro Fleischwaren are safe and absolutely hygienic.

As regards animal welfare, Gurtner AG Montenaro Fleischwaren guarantees that slaughter takes place in accordance both with the guidelines issued by the Islamic authorities and Halal Certification Services, as well as those of Swiss regulations and standards.

The sale and distribution of all products manufactured by Gurtner AG Montenaro Fleischwaren, including halal Bündnerfleisch, is managed by Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG.

Download Halal certificat Halal-certificate.pdf