Optimise and accentuate.
Guarantee of top quality.

The Grischuna brand is part of the Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG. The company’s aim is to continuously improve the process of curing meat. We regularly review the existing methods and develop our processes, in order to be able to guarantee consistently high quality.

Our highest priority in all our endeavours is, and always will be, quality: our products should be of excellence in the future, too.


Our mission statement is
“Tradition with a future”

We are an efficient partner

We offer good value for money
Our customers can rely on us
We are totally committed to fulfil our customer’s requirements
Our client’s success is our success
Our products comply with the latest food safety standards

We are open-minded

We proactively provide information
We are committed to the future
We have close ties with the community
We believe in job security
We use resources responsibly
We are continuously improving our environmental policies

We care about the future

We make a fair profit
We control our processes
We manage our range of products and brand
We are aware of our responsibility as one of the market leaders
We make every effort to protect our employees from occupational risks, accidents and illnesses
We go well beyond the minimum legal requirements on environmental protection
We comply with the FSC values

We work as a team

We are all involved
We demand and support
We take responsibility
We all respect one another


Here and there.
Where Bündnerfleisch is consumed all over the world.

Our company has its head office in Churwalden, an idyllic place situated 1,230 metres above sea level. Since being founded in 1962, the Grischuna brand has been synonymous with top quality: we make real Bündnerfleisch, Grisons dry-cured ham, dry-cured bacon, salsiz, salametti, mountain salami and over fifty other products. Every year, more than a thousand tonnes of dried meat are shipped from our production site to all four corners of the globe.

Our company is inspected by the authorities and has been authorised by numerous governments to export meat products to their countries.

We combine state-of-the-art technology with traditional production processes and make our dried meat specialities as environmentally friendly as possible. We work with energy efficient machines. Our production building is equipped with heat recovery systems and has excellent insulation. Grischuna is certified according to ISF, ISO 9001 and the environmental standard ISO 14001. Our enterprise in Landquart is the first production facility of the meat industry in Switzerland that has been certified with the Minergie label. And our ecologically designed business premises in Churwalden have been awarded the label ‘Naturpark der Schweizer Wirtschaft’ (national park of the Swiss economy) by the Stiftung Natur & Wirtschaft foundation.

More than 100 experienced experts make their services available to Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG, which is the umbrella organisation for the brands Grischuna, Surselva, Mani and minipic.

Far-sightedness and prudence.
Two people embark on a joint venture.

Hans Brasser, a farmer from Churwalden, was a master at making Grisons dried meat specialities. He had learned the trade from his father based on recipes which had been handed down from generation to generation since time immemorial. Until the 1950s, Mr. Brasser only produced small quantities of his delicacies, but then he decided to make more in future. He found a business partner and in 1958, the two of them laid the foundation for the construction of a meat-drying facility. In 1962, Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG was founded by them and the Grischuna brand was born. In 1966, they sold the company to a Zurich family of butchers. In 1995, the current owner acquired their shares. The company is now a family business again, managed by owners who have been active in the butcher’s trade for decades and whose ancestors had already brought meat up the River Rhine to dry over a hundred years ago. Back then, it was a journey by horse and carriage, which to and fro took almost a week each time.

The history of the company
at a glance

Year Event
1962 Foundation of the Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG und introduction of the Grischuna brand
1963 First gold medal in the quality competition of the Fachmesse für Fleischwirtschaft (MEFA). Many more would follow in the years to come
1965 First exports of Bündnerfleisch to France and Germany
1972 Introduction of the minipic brand
1977 Business expansion
1996 Corporate restructuring, various environmentally relevant measures are being implemented
2000 Gold medal for Bündnerfleisch, first award from the DLG, the German Agriculture Society. Further awards were to follow in the next years
2002 The Grischuna area in Churwalden has been awarded the label „Nature Park of the Swiss Economy“ thanks to the natural landscape design
2007 Gold medal for minipic, first award from DLV, the German Meat Association
2009 Gold medal for various dried meat specialties and winner in the categories of raw sausage products and raw cured products at the Fachmesse für Fleischwirtschaft (MEFA)
2010 New construction according to Minergie standard - first Minergie building in the meat industry! - for sausage, packaging and administration in Landquart; Merger with Surselva Fleischwaren AG, Landquart