Small and delicious.
A sausage becomes a big seller.

The most well-known and popular meat snack in Switzerland is made by Grischuna.

minipic, which was first launched around forty years ago, is still made using the original recipe. We produce the snack using beef hindquarters and pork. We add spices and bacon to both and turn them into succulent sausage meat, put the mixture into a thin skin, smoke, dry and store the sausage before removing the skin: rip open the packaging, bite into it and enjoy! And then treat yourself to a second minipic straight away. Another one is available for dinner, cut into wheel-shaped pieces and mixed in with the mashed potatoes, couscous or baked rice.


  • the alternative to nibbles and sweets
  • synonymous with food and having fun
  • made of beef and pork; seasoned, smoked and dried according to a tried and tested company recipe
  • practical in the lunch box and on excursions, or in the office, car, train or plane
  • food for hikers, athletes and hunters

when you feel like a small snack

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