Tastes good and is healthy.
Keep fit by eating Bündnerfleisch.

Grischuna Bündnerfleisch is a totally natural product. We produce it from lean parts of the beef shank, which we enhance with mixed spices and subsequently dry in the clean air of high-lying valleys in Grisons – just as our ancestors did before us.

Bündnerfleisch can be kept for a long time thanks to the natural air-drying process. We do not use any other preservation techniques like smoking or heat treatment. The distinctively mild taste is created by a carefully measured mixture of salt and selected spices.

Bündnerfleisch not only tastes good but it is also healthy. Low in fat and with practically no carbohydrates, it contains essential vitamins, is rich in valuable minerals and trace elements and has a high percentage of highly nutritious protein and iron.

Watch the video: "How Bündnerfleisch is made"