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Almost another ton of CO2 less - per day!

Every year, the "Minergy"-certified building, the latest generation equipment and the systematic energy plan save about 500 tons of CO2 in Landquart, in the Canton of Grisons in eastern Switzerland. In addition, with the rebuilding of the Churwalden production facility, the CO2 emissions were cut by another 320 tons annually. More about this here.

The sausage - A story with two endings

Article and exhibition in the Rhaetian Museum Chur on the subject of sausages. 12. October 2012 Download article: DieWurst.pdf

Heat pumps with natural refrigerants are a energy-efficient technology of the future.

Article about the use of heat pumps in our new buidling in Landquart, Switzerland. Published in the journal FleischMagazin 4/2012.
Download Article (german): fleischmagazin_0412.pdf

Building report on the new Grischuna production building in Landquart

Published in the construction trade journal "Bauen Heute, Fachjournal für zeitgenössisches Bauen", 4/2011, April 2011, p. 62ff.
Download report (in German): Baureportage.pdf

Press kit for the Minergie event
of 21 October 2010

Download documents:

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video of the construction site

2010 video of the construction site of our new building in Landquart – the first Minergie building in the meat industry!

It's all thanks to Bündnerfleisch!

“Sometimes pioneering discoveries are just a coincidence (example: penicillin) or they are based on very ordinary things. This was also the case in relation to heliotherapy in surgical tuberculosis.
It was an aha experience in the truest sense of the word which gave Oscar Bernhard the idea of sunlight therapy.”

The science journalist Heini Hofmann describes the connection between the discovery of heliotherapy (sunlight therapy) and the traditional method of air-drying meat in the sun to make it keep well.

Download text (in German): Heliotherapie.pdf

With our best thanks to Heini Hofmann
Author of “Gesundheitsmythos St. Moritz”
(The Health Legend of St. Moritz)
Publisher: Montabella Verlag, St. Moritz
ISBN 978-3-907067-40-6

Webcam - View towards Klus, left the Vilan