Strength and power.
Power food that is easily digestible.

Bündnerfleisch contains virtually no carbohydrates, less than five percent fat and salt and vitamins B1, B2 and pp (niacin). It is rich in iron and other minerals and trace elements and consists of almost forty percent highly nutritious protein. That said Bündnerfleisch is a healthy delicacy. And when you want to loose a few extra pounds, easily digestible power food is the tastiest way of sticking to a diet.

Tip: do you suffer from iron deficiency? Then we recommend eating Bündnerfleisch together with apples or melons. The fruit, rich in vitamin C, helps you to absorb the iron in the meat.


Nutrition information for 100 g Bündnerfleisch (approx.)

energy 852 KJ (204 kcal)
water 49%
protein 39%
salt 4,97%
fat 4,5%
minerals 2%
carbohydrates 0,5%
nitrate 0,03%