Optimise and accentuate.
Guarantee of top quality.

The Grischuna brand is part of the Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG. The company’s aim is to continuously improve the process of curing meat. We regularly review the existing methods and develop our processes, in order to be able to guarantee consistently high quality.

Our highest priority in all our endeavours is, and always will be, quality: our products should be of excellence in the future, too.

Here and there.
Where Bündnerfleisch is consumed all over the world.

Our company has its head office in Churwalden, an idyllic place situated 1,230 metres above sea level. Since being founded in 1962, the Grischuna brand has been synonymous with top quality: we make real Bündnerfleisch, Grisons dry-cured ham, dry-cured bacon, salsiz, salametti, mountain salami and over fifty other products. Every year, more than a thousand tonnes of dried meat are shipped from our production site to all four corners of the globe.

National and international.
We deliver all over the world.

Our Swiss clientele includes such renowned distributors as Migros, Coop, Globus and Spar as well as butchers and cash and carry stores.

On an international scale, we supply specialities to distributors, such as Edeka, Aldi, Metro, Kaufland, Carrefour, Auchan, Albert Heijn, Takashimaya as well as various airlines.

Gold and silver.
Gold for Grisons dried meat specialities.

Our quality is well-received: the Churwalden dried meat factory has won several awards at quality competitions of the Fachmesse für Fleischwirtschaft (MEFA) over the last few decades. In 2009, we won several gold medals for our products at the MEFA quality competition and were voted the winner in the categories of dry-cured sausages and dry-cured products. That implies that we are currently considered the best meat drying factory in Switzerland.


Quality prizes 2013

Gold for:
Bündnerfleisch, Grisons dry-cured Ham, Grisons Coppa, Grisons air-dried Landjaeger and minipic

Silver for:
Dry-cured Bacon and traditional Engadine Sausage

Bronze for:
Grisoni, Grisons salsiz


This is where the meat for our dried meat specialities is accepted, deboned and salted.

Guarantee of Authenticity (PGI)

In accordance with the decree of the Federal Office for Agriculture, "Bündnerfleisch" has been a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) since September 1999. The PGI certificate obliges producers to carry out the most important processing steps in the region of origin (in our case in the Canton of Graubünden) and according to traditional methods.

Authentic Bündnerfleisch is produced when the very specific and best cuts of beef are cured in Grisons according to a centuries-old process and turned into an easily digestible delicacy.

Far-sightedness and prudence.
Two people embark on a joint venture.

Hans Brasser, a farmer from Churwalden, was a master at making Grisons dried meat specialities. He had learned the trade from his father based on recipes which had been handed down from generation to generation since time immemorial. Until the 1950s, Mr. Brasser only produced small quantities of his delicacies, but then he decided to make more in future. He found a business partner and in 1958, the two of them laid the foundation for the construction of a meat-drying facility. In 1962, Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG was founded by them and the Grischuna brand was born. In 1966, they sold the company to a Zurich family of butchers. In 1995, the current owner acquired their shares. The company is now a family business again, managed by owners who have been active in the butcher’s trade for decades and whose ancestors had already brought meat up the River Rhine to dry over a hundred years ago. Back then, it was a journey by horse and carriage, which to and fro took almost a week each time.

Certification as an organic producer

A production company that wants to make, process and sell organic products must first be inspected and certified by a recognised (accredited) certification body (e.g. bio.inspecta).

In order to get such a certificate, at the very least the Organic Ordinance (SR 910.18) must be complied with. A meat processing company undertakes, among other things, to ensure that the organic products produced are only processed using meat which comes come from recognised organic farms. The ingredients (in our case predominantly salt and spices) must also meet the stringent requirements.

The following must also be guaranteed:

– Clear separation of the organic ingredients in the entire company: every single piece of meat delivered is marked with a label and stored separately. The mixed spices are filled into single-dose bags and stored appropriately.

– The traceability of products is guaranteed along the entire production chain and is documented on a control slip, which remains with the products throughout the entire production period.

This makes it impossible for theseproducts to be mixed with conventional products. If a company wants to market its products under a label of the different marketers (e.g. BIO SUISSE, Migros BIO Produktion, demeter, etc.), their requirements must also be met. Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG has been producing and selling organic products under the M-Bio label (www.engagement.ch) for several years now. certificate pdf

The history of the company at a glance

1962 Foundation of Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG and introduction of the Grischuna brand
1963 The first gold medal was won in the quality competition of the Fachmesse für Fleischwirtschaft (Trade Fair for the Meat Industry, MEFA). Many others were to follow in the years to come
1965 First exports of Bündnerfleisch to France and Germany
1972 Introduction of the minipic brand
1977 Company expansion
1996 Restructuring and various environmental measures are implemented
2000 Gold medal for Bündnerfleisch, first award from the German Agricultural Society (DLG). Many awards were to follow in the years to come
2002 The Grischuna premises in Churwalden is awarded the label ‘Naturpark der Schweizer Wirtschaft’ thanks to the ecological landscape design
2007 Gold medal for minipic, first award from the Deutscher Fleischfachverband (German Association of Meat Producers, DLV)
2009 Gold medal for various dried meat specialities and winner in the categories of dry-cured sausages and dry-cured products at the MEFA; with these awards, Grischuna will be the best meat drying factory in Switzerland for the next 3 years!
2010 New building complies with the Minergie standard – the first Minergie building in the meat industry! - for butchery, packaging plant and administration department in Landquart; merger with Surselva Fleischwaren AG, Landquart



The centre of Bündnerfleisch production is in Churwalden, which is 1,230 metres above sea level. Air-drying the meat, the method which our forebears had once used in order to stock up on supplies for the harsh winter months, has in the last few decades developed into a branch of industry with several hundred employees.

Our mission statement is “Tradition with a future”

We are an efficient partner
We offer good value for money
Our customers can rely on us
We are totally committed to fulfil our customer’s requirements
Our client’s success is our success
Our products comply with the latest food safety standards

We are open-minded
We proactively provide information
We are committed to the future
We have close ties with the community
We believe in job security
We use resources responsibly
We are continuously improving our environmental policies

We care about the future
We make a fair profit
We control our processes
We manage our range of products and brand
We are aware of our responsibility as one of the market leaders
We make every effort to protect our employees from occupational risks, accidents and illnesses
We go well beyond the minimum legal requirements on environmental protection
We comply with the FSC values

We work as a team

We are all involved
We demand and support
We take responsibility
We all respect one another

Special Award by Bio Suisse

In order to make consumers aware of organic products that are especially tasty, Bio Suisse awards the ‘Bio-Gourmet-Knospe’ predicate each year. The label guarantees a very high quality of taste for products that have been produced with great care and effort. Very few products that stand out in terms of quality and taste are given a special predicate. We feel very honoured that our dry-cured ham was amongst the seven products that were awarded in 2015.

BioSuisse Special Award (pdf)
Bio-Gourmet-Knospe (pdf)

DLG - German Agricultural Society

Grischuna has for many years had its Bündnerfleisch tasted and judged by the German Agricultural Society (DLG). Unlike the quality competition of the SFF (Swiss Meat Association), this assessment takes place once a year. Grischuna has also achieved some pleasing results in this competition in recent years, which demonstrates that its quality management has been consistently and successfully implemented.

The history of the DLG quality competition since the year 2000 including the highest award

2016 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2016 Bündnerfleisch eco gold medal  
2016 minipic gold medal  
2014 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2014 Bündnerfleisch eco gold medal  
2014 minipic gold medal  
2012 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2012 minipic gold medal  
2011 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2011 minipic gold medal  
2010 Bündnerfleisch gold medal
2010 minipic gold medal  
2009 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2009 minipic gold medal  
2008 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2007 Bündnerfleisch silver medal  
2006 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2005 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2004 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2003 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2002 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2001 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  
2000 Bündnerfleisch gold medal  

Download DLG 2016 Bündnerfleisch: 
Download DLG 2014 Bündnerfleisch eco: 
Download DLG 2016 minipic: 


MINERGIE® is a quality label for new and modernised buildings. The focus is on comfort – the comfort building users have whether they live or work there. This comfort is made possible by a high-grade building shell and controlled airflow. The specific energy consumption is considered the main criterion required to quantify the necessary construction quality. This provides a reliable assessment. Only the final amount of energy supplied is relevant. (www.minergie.ch)

Download Minergie certificates: Minergie-232.pdf, Minergie-233.pdf


We have secured the cooperation of an expert partner in the company Gurtner Montenaro, which is based in Trin. The air drying facility, of a third-generation family business, is situated at an altitude of 1,150 metres above sea level. Their extensive expertise and many years of experience in the production of Grisons dried meat specialities make Gurtner AG a first-class affiliate.

Our company is inspected by the authorities and has been authorised by numerous governments to export meat products to their countries.

We combine state-of-the-art technology with traditional production processes and make our dried meat specialities as environmentally friendly as possible. We work with energy efficient machines. Our production building is equipped with heat recovery systems and has excellent insulation. Grischuna is certified according to  ISF, ISO 9001 and the environmental standard ISO 14001. Our enterprise in Landquart is the first production facility of the meat industry in Switzerland that has been certified with the Minergie label. And our ecologically designed business premises in Churwalden have been awarded the label ‘Naturpark der Schweizer Wirtschaft’ (national park of the Swiss economy) by the Stiftung Natur & Wirtschaft foundation.

More than 100 experienced experts make their services available to Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG, which is the umbrella organisation for the brands Grischuna, Surselva, Mani and minipic.


DFV - Deutscher Fleischer-Verband (German Butcher’s Association)

Süffa Trade Fair for the Butcher’s Trade

We won the gold medal for our Bündnerfleisch in 2009 and 2011 at the international quality competition of the Trade Fair for the Butcher’s Trade (Süffa).

Bündnerfleisch gold medal
2009 Bündnerfleisch gold medal


Download Süffa 2011 competitions certificate:

DFV’s international quality competition

We won the gold medal for our minipic in 2007 at the international quality competition for sausages of the Trade Fair for the Butcher’s Trade.

2007 minipic           gold medal

Suisse Garantie

Since the beginning of July 2005, Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG has only processed Swiss meat which meets the criteria of the ‘SUISSE GARANTIE’ quality label.

This quality label provides a guarantee to consumers that agricultural produce, such as vegetables, fruit, meat, etc. comes from Switzerland.

All meat products which are awarded the ‘SUISSE GARANTIE’ quality label generally come from animals which were born and reared on farms in Switzerland. Swiss animals are allowed to spend the summer on Alps in neighbouring countries. Meat from the Principality of Liechtenstein is treated as Swiss meat.

Furthermore, suppliers of fatstock must provide evidence of participation in one of the QA programmes recognised by the trade organisation Proviande (www.proviande.ch). When selling the animals, the seller must provide the buyer with documentary evidence which proves that the requirements of the relevant QA programme were met.

During the transport of fatstock, the person transporting them must have a training certificate from the Interessengemeinschaft für tierschutzkonforme Transporte und Schlachthöfe (Interest Group for Transport of Cattle and Slaughterhouses which comply with Animal Welfare Legislation).

As far as meat products are concerned, a maximum of 10% of the ingredients may consist of raw materials from abroad, insofar as these raw materials are unavailable or not available in sufficient quantities in Switzerland (e.g. spices). certificate pdf


The administration department and butchery as well as the packaging and order picking equipment are all housed in our new state-of-the-art and ecologically friendly building in Landquart. Our enterprise in Landquart is the first production facility of the meat industry in Switzerland that has been certified with the Minergie label.


The HACCP-BRC standard* was established in the United Kingdom in 1998 and approved by the "British Retail Consortium (BRC)", which various major British distributors belong to. Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG, Grischuna, has been certified according to the HACCP BRC standard since 11 April 2005.

Why did Grischuna obtain certification according to this standard? In the year 2000, the CIES (the Food Business Forum, which Migros and Coop also belong to) created the "Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)". The objective was and is to improve food safety, to guarantee consumer protection and to increase consumer confidence. The major Swiss distributors have recently started insisting that their suppliers must be certified according to a standard recognised by the GFSI. The BRC standard is one of the standards recognised by the GFSI. It is considered a leading standard in this field. The big advantage of this certification – apart from increasing food safety – is the principle of being ‘accepted everywhere once certified’. The suppliers to major Swiss distributors are no longer audited by the distributors themselves, but rather by an accredited external company, which results in more detailed but also fewer audits.

* In addition to an actual HACCP concept, this standard includes additional requirements, such as maintaining the infrastructure, product and process control, staff training and functional quality management.


The International Food Standard was defined in 2003 by representatives of the European foodstuffs retailers and serves to inspect and certify systems to guarantee food safety as well as quality and legality as far as foodstuffs production is concerned.

The IFS builds on the well-known quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, and also contains the principles of good manufacturing practice (cleaning, disinfection, pest control, maintenance, servicing and training).

Download IFS certificate: IFS-Zertifikat.pdf

DIN ISO 9001 / 14001

"Grischuna" Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG has extensively renovated its production site. After being reconstructed, the factory in Churwalden now presents itself in a compound system, which allows high energy savings to be made and releases a minimum amount of emissions. At the same time, the company was also certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001.

By obtaining certification according to ISO 14001, Grischuna has taken on a pioneering role in the Swiss meat industry. In the context of the so-called environmental certification, an environmental management system was introduced. This involves recording, examining and reducing the environmental impact of all activities, processes and products. Certification entails the development, production and international marketing of Grisons meat specialities, meat products and meat snacks. In doing so, the company guarantees that it produces, supplies and trades in an environmentally friendly way and makes its contribution to sustainable business by taking energy saving and recycling measures.

Certification according to ISO 9001 was also awarded by SGS-ICS, International Certification Services AG. Certification includes all activities of the management team, which determines the quality policy, objectives and responsibilities in the context of a quality management system.

Download ISO 9001 certificate: ISO-9001.pdf
Download ISO 14001 certificate: ISO-14001.pdf

National park

The Stiftung Natur & Wirtschaft foundation awards its quality label to companies which take ecological measures on their premises. The goal of the foundation is to introduce more colour, life and biodiversity to company premises.

Awards are given to company premises which – through their outstanding ecological quality – contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, particularly in industrial and commercial zones.

Download Natur & Wirtschaft certificate: Natur und Wirtschaft.pdf

Certificate of the Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency

Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG undertakes to work toward the sustained protection of the climate through conviction. With its voluntary declaration of joining the programme of the Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency, Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG commits itself to the active reduction of CO2 emissions and to the optimization of energy efficiency. The corresponding target agreement has been audited by the Swiss Federal government.

Download Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency certificate: Energy-Agency-Certificate.pdf


Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG is certified with the FSC label. This certificate for sustainable usage of wood is also valid for the packaging of our products.

"The FSC Principles & Criteria describe the essential elements or rules of environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management."

Download the FSC certificate (German): fsc-zertifikat.pdf

QS Certificate

QS Zertifikat

Meat is a valuable and sensitive foodstuff, and the requirements for handling this product are extremely strict. Companies which process meat in the QS scheme procure their raw material from businesses that are also QS-certified. This ensures seamless quality assurance and traceability from the outset. QS supports meat-processing companies by defining practice-oriented requirements that are summarised in well-structured guidelines and checklists.

Independent and qualified auditors monitor whether and how requirements are fulfilled, ensuring that everyone delivers quality, from farm to shop.

Download: QS Certificate

Halal certificate

Download Halal certificate Halal-certificate.pdf