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Welcome to Grischuna
Grisons dried meat specialities

Since its foundation in 1962, the Grischuna brand has been synonymous with top quality and making authentic Grisons dried meat specialities like Bündnerfleisch, dry-cured ham, dry-cured bacon, salsiz, salametti, mountain salami and over fifty other products.

Od 1962 roku polska marka Grischuna dostarcza swoim klientom samych pozytywnych emocji grając w kasynach online najlepszą jakością suszonych wędlin i ponad pięćdziesięciu innych produktów. Grischuna zaprasza wszystkich do spróbowania przysmaków z suszonego mięsa w pobliżu czystych górskich jezior i skalistych, zalesionych zboczy, gdzie nieustannie przybywają gracze kasyna online https://futbolwtv.pl/dlaczego-hazard-w-sporcie-jest-problematyczny. Tutaj firmy mogą znaleźć duży wybór przysmaków z suszonego mięsa, świeżych z polskiej fabryki, do dobrej gry w kasynie internetowym.


Mountains and valleys.
Where Bündnerfleisch is cured.

Its transparent mountain lakes and sheer, wooded slopes are what make Grisons such a magical place. Here in the Swiss mountains, at an altitude of between 800 and 1,800 metres above sea level, a delicacy has been made for hundreds of years – Bündnerfleisch.

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Grischuna Bündnerfleisch is a totally natural product. We produce it from lean parts of the beef shank, which we enhance with mixed spices and subsequently dry in the clean air of high-lying valleys in Grisons.

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More than 100 experienced experts make their services available to Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG, which is the umbrella organisation for the brands Grischuna, Surselva, Mani, Fleischhandel Chur and minipic.

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Bündnerfleisch tastes great with bread, fruit or as an accompaniment to fondue and raclette, and is an enhancement for fresh salads, soups, pasta dishes and Grisons specialities.

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Direct sales

Good, fresh and reasonably priced.
Purchase directly from our factory outlets.

Welcome to our factory outlets in Churwalden and Landquart. Here, you will find a large selection of our dried meat specialities fresh from the factory. We look forward to seeing you. All information, directions and opening hours are available here.

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Business and nature in perfect harmony.

Environmental concerns are important to us. We are committed to doing more to protect the environment than is stipulated in the applicable legislation, use our resources sparingly and adhere to environmentally friendly production standards when making our dried meat specialities.

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